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Fracture and Advanced Material Group

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We investigates fracture and strength of advanced materials, which cover wide range of applications, such as automobile, electronic devices, soft actuator, human dynamics, sport injuries, space elevator and so on.

"Material" is the origin of all products!


Fracture mechanics

Soft actuator

 - Measurements of fracture toughness for metals, polymers and composites

 - Fracture envelope of adhesive joints for automobile application

 - Fatigue life prediction

 - Numerical simulation for crack propagation

 - Ionic Polymer Metal Composite actuators

 - Polymer based soft actuators

LOAD Transfer analysis

SPORTS injury

space elevator

 - Load path analysis during car crash

 - Optimum structure design

 - Head protector for JUDO

 - Biomechanical simulation

 - Numerical simulation of tether dynamics

 - Optimum control design for space elevator




 - Ph.D candidate      1

 - Master 2nd               3

 - Master 1st                 2

 - Bachelor                   4

We welcome all students from all over the world. It is nice opportunity to be with you

in Keio university. If you are interested in, please feel free to contact us.


More than 60 students have graduated from Omiya Lab.

Alumni show great activity in all fields and they keep good connections.


Every autumn, we have alumni party and warm old friendships!!

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3-14-1, Hiyoshi, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, 223-8522, Japan

Yagami campus, 34th building  (Access map)


Room  34-207     Omiya

Room 34-208     Students


If you are interested in our activities, please contact by e-mail.

E-mail : oomiya (at)

Omiya Lab.

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